New Publications on Wharton by CWEWh Volume Editors: The Bloomsbury Handbook to Edith Wharton, ed. Emily J. Orlando

The Bloomsbury Handbook to Edith Wharton, ed. Emily J. Orlando, includes essays by several CWEWh editors:

Picturing Edith Wharton’s Modern Woman: Gender and the Social
Construction of Age
Melanie V. Dawson

“Social Order and Individual Appetites”: Edith Wharton’s Short Stories, 1891-1904
Paul J. Ohler

Edith Wharton and Film
Donna M. Campbell

“The Chill Joy of Renunciation”: Feminine Sacrifice in Edith Wharton
and Christina Rossetti
Margaret Jay Jessee

Edith Wharton and Willa Cather: Beyond “Surface Differences”
Julie Olin-Ammentorp

Edith Wharton and the Narratives of Travel and Tourism
Gary Totten

Edith Wharton and Pleasure
Virginia Ricard

Reading the Reader: Edith Wharton’s Library, Digital Methods,
and the Uses of Data
Sheila Liming

The Complete Works of Edith Wharton: Preparing the First
Authoritative Edition
Carol J. Singley, Donna M. Campbell and Frederick Wegener

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