The Complete Works of Edith Wharton will not include an edition of Wharton’s letters.  Here’s a list of letters in archives in addition to those published in R. W. B. Lewis and Nancy Lewis’s edition.

Source: Amy M. Kimball of the Sheridan Collections at Johns Hopkins University and Nynke Dorhout at The Mount; Excel version at http://public.wsu.edu/~campbelld/wharton/whartonarchives.xls

Amherst College Library Amherst College William Crary Brownell Papers Many letters from EW or Anna Bahlmann from 1904-1927, n.d Worked for Scribner’s AC 1871
Amherst College Library Amherst College Harrison Griswold Dwight Papers Wharton, Edith – 3 letters from 1904-05 author and politician AC 1898, Box 8, Folder 9
Amherst College Library Amherst College W. Clyde Fitch Papers Wharton, Edith [?] Dec 26 playwright AC 1886, Box 4, Folder 37
John Hay Library Brown University John Hay Collection Letters from Wharton to Hay Reel F5701: 12
Rare Book & Manuscript Library Columbia University New York, NY Eleanor Robson Belmont Papers 1851-1979 15 letters from Wharton 1914-1919 Actress. Correspondence, MSS. of writings, and other papers. Includes a MS. of Anatole France’s “La Petite Ville de France” and a typescript of George Bernard Shaw’s “Democracy and `The apple cart’ “; and correspondence, notes, and reports of the American Shakespeare Festival Foundation, the Educational Dramatic League, the Metropolitan Opera Association, the Motion Picture Research Council, the Red Cross and other organizations.
Harvard Law School Library Harvard Boston, MA Holmes, Oliver Wendell, 1841-1935. Papers Wharton, Edith n.d.
Edith Wharton to OWH A.L.S.
HOLLIS 601674
Houghton Library Harvard Boston, MA Robinson, Corinne (Roosevelt) Politician and poet, of New York City. Correspondence, diaries, MSS. of poetry and political speeches. Correspondents include William Stanley Braithwaite, Robert Bridges, John Jay Chapman, Joseph Hodges Choate, Calvin Coolidge, Kahlil Gibran, Hermann Hagedorn, Warren Gamaliel Harding, Herbert Hoover, Henry Cabot Lodge, Edgar Lee Masters, John Myers O’Hara, Edith Kermit (Carow) Roosevelt, Elihu Root, Mark Sullivan, William Roscoe Thayer, Edith (Jones) Wharton, and Leonard Wood. Unpublished index in the library. Open to investigators under library restrictions. Information on literary rights available in the library. Gift of Mrs. Francis Cole, 1965. MS 67-1255
Houghton Library Harvard Boston, MA Autograph File, B Bromfield, Louis, 1896-1956. A.L.s. to Edith Wharton; Senlis, [18 Mar 1934]. 2s.(4p.)env.
Houghton Library Harvard Boston, MA Autograph File, W *See page Autograph File W, Houghton*
Houghton Library Harvard Boston, MA Papers of Robert Woods Bliss and Mildred Barnes Bliss General Correspondence Wharton, Edith 1921-1932; undatedCorrespondence w/ EW concerning Oeuvre des Maisons Americains des Convalescence HUGFP 76.xx
Houghton Library Harvard Boston, MA Theodora Bosanquet papers *See page Theodora Bosanquet Papers*
Houghton Library Harvard Boston, MA Castle, William R. (William Richards), 1878-1963 Reference to Mrs. Wharton, p. 106 William Richards Castle (1878-1963) was an American diplomat. He served in the Department of State as chief of the Division of Western European Affairs (1921-1927), assistant secretary of state, and undersecretary of state. Typed copies of diaries covering the periods 1 July-3 Sept. 1918, 22 June-14 Oct. 1920, and Jan. 1922-Mar. 1960. The diaries contain an almost daily account of Castle’s professional and social activities, and include comments on national and international affairs, the political scene, books, and movies. MS Am 2021
Houghton Library Harvard Boston, MA Chanler, Margaret Terry, 1862-1952. Family papers Wharton, Edith (Jones), 1862-1937. A.L.s.( Edith) to [Margaret (Terry) Chanler]; St. Brice-sous-Forêt, 20 Aug [1926]. [2]p. With envelope. Enclosure: snapshot of three dogs.Wharton, Edith (Jones), 1862-1937. A.L.s.( Edith) to [Margaret (Terry) Chanler]; St. Brice-sous-Forêt, 8 Sep 1926. ([2]p.) With envelope.

Wharton, Edith (Jones), 1862-1937. A.L.s.( Edith) to [Margaret (Terry) Chanler]; Sainte-Claire Du Chateau, 5 Jan 1927. ([2]p.)

Wharton, Edith (Jones), 1862-1937. A.L.s.( Edith) to [Margaret (Terry) Chanler]; St. Brice-sous-Forêt, 24 Oct [1932]. ([2]p.) With envelope.

Correspondence and other papers of the American writer Margaret Terry Chanler and her family MS Am 1595
Houghton Library Harvard Boston, MA Chapman, John Jay, 1862-1933. Additional papers, 1841-1940 Wharton, Edith (Jones), 1862-1937. 2 letters; 1917-1919. Chiefly correspondence between American essayist John Jay Chapman and family, friends, and associates MS Am 1854.1
Houghton Library Harvard Boston, MA James Thomas Fields collection of autographs and portraits of distinguished women Wharton, Edith (Jones) 1862-1937. A.L.s. to Annie (Adams) Fields; [Boston, n.d.]. 1s.(2p.) Letters and portraits collected by the American publisher James Thomas Fields MS Am 2016
Houghton Library Harvard Boston, MA Robert Grant papers Gosse, Sir Edmund, 1849-1928. T.L. (typed signature; copy) to Edith Wharton; [London] 14 Feb 1911. 1s. (2p.)Howells, William Dean, 1837-1920. ( separately, with addresses card). T.L. (copy) to [ Edith] Wharton; Hamilton, Bermuda, 3 Mar 1911. 1s. (1p)

Wharton, Edith (Jones), 1862-1937. A.L.s. (photostat) to R.G.; Lenox, Mass., 25 Jul 1900. 1s. (4p.) With typescript. 1s. (1p.) Taken from scrapbook, where “Original presented to Yale library November 1, 1939” was written in R.G.’s hand.

Wharton, Edith (Jones), 1862-1937. A.L.s. to R.G.; Lenox, Mass., 5 Dec [1904?] 2s. (8p.)

Wharton, Edith (Jones), 1862-1937. T.L.s. to R.G.; Paris, 15 Oct 1915. 1s. (1p.) env.

Wharton, Edith (Jones), 1862-1937. A.L.s. to [R.G.]; St. Brice-sous-Forêt, S & O [France] 15 Oct 1922. 1s. (1p.)

Wharton, Edith (Jones), 1862-1937. A.L.s. to R.G.; Hyères, Var [France] 26 Mar 1925. 1s. (2p.)

Wharton, Edith (Jones), 1862-1937. A.L.s. to R.G.; Salsomaggiero, Prov. di Parma, 26 Aug 1927. 2s. (5p.)

Wharton, Edith (Jones), 1862-1937. A.L.s. to R.G.; Autun [France] 16 Sep 1927, and St. Brice-sous-Forêt, S & O [France] 27 Sep 1927. 2s. (4p.)

RG speech, Edith Wharton. Commemorative tribute American academy of arts and letters November 10, 1938.TS.s.; [n.p.] 10 Nov 1938. 16s. (16p.)

Papers of Robert Grant (Harvard AB 1873), an American novelist and lawyer MS Am 1115
Houghton Library Harvard Boston, MA Gray, John Chipman, 1839-1915. Correspondence Wharton, Edith (Jones), 1862-1937. A.N.s.( Edith Wharton) to [Anna Lyman (Mason)] Gray; [n.p.,n.d.] folder (2l.)A.Fragment s.( Edith Wharton) to [ ? ]; [n.p.,n.d.] 1l. Correspondence of Harvard professor and lawyer John Chipman Gray. MS Am 2152
Houghton Library Harvard Boston, MA Houghton Mifflin Company correspondence and records Wharton, Edith (Jones) 1862-1937. 1 letter; 1903. Records of Houghton Mifflin Compnay and its predecessors, containing papers relating to both the printing and publishing branches of the business MS Am 1925
Houghton Library Harvard Boston, MA Howells family. Papers Wharton, Edith (Jones), 1862-1937. 3 letters; 1902-1919. Correspondence, compositions, and diaries of American novelist William Dean Howells as well as papers of his wife and children MS Am 1784
Houghton Library Harvard Boston, MA James family additional papers Wharton, Edith (Jones) 1862-1937. A.L.s. to Henry James (1879-1947); [Paris] 1 Mar 1916. 1s.(3p.) Correspondence, drawings, photographs, publications and other papers of the James family MS Am 1095.2
Houghton Library Harvard Boston, MA Letters received by the Norton family Wharton, Edith (Jones) 1862-1937.
A.L.s. Lenox, Mass.,[Oct 1900.] 1s.(1p.) env.
A.L.s. [n.p., 1908?] 1s.(2p.) Encl: 1s.(1p.) by Susan Wharton.
A.L.s. [n.p., 1908?] 1s.(1p.)
A.L.s.(initials) [Paris] 10 Feb [1909] 2s.(8p.) env.
A.L.s.(initials) Vaucluse, 26 Feb [1909] 1s.(2p.) picture postcard.
A.L.s.(initials) Windsor, 10 Jun [1909] 1s.(4p.)
A.L.s.(initials) same, 7 Jul 1909. 2s.(8p.)
A.L.s.(initials) [New York [n.o.] 14 Oct [1910] 2s.(6p.)
A.L.s.(initials) same, 17 Oct [1910] 1s.(2p.)
A.L.s.(E.) [At sea, Oct 1910] 1s. (3p.)
A.L.s.(initials) Salsomaggiore, 21 May [1911] 1s.(4p.)
A.L.s.(initials) [Paris] 22 Nov [1913] 1s.(4p.) env.
A.L.s.(initials) [same] 27 Mar 1914. 1s.(4p.)
A.L.s.(initials) Offranville, Seine-Inférieure, 20 Oct [ ] 2s. (8p.)
A.L.s.(initials) [Paris, n.d.] 1s.(4p.)
A.L.s.(initials) [same, n.d.] 1s.(3p.)
A.L.s.(initials) Hotel Crillon [n.p.] 5 May [ ] 1s.(4p.)
A.L.s.(initials) same, 10 May [ ] 1s.(4p.)
A.L.s.(initials) Lenox, Mass., 3 Jul [ ] 2s.(4p.)
A.L.s.(initials) same, 8 Aug [ ] 1s.(4p.)
A.L.s.(E.) same, 26 Aug [ ] 2s.(6p.)
Letters from various persons to the family members of Charles Eliot Norton, including his mother, wife, sisters, and his children MS Am 1088.1
Houghton Library Harvard Boston, MA Letters to Charles Eliot Norton and other papers Wharton, Edith (Jones) 1862-1937. 1 letter to Charles Eliot Norton; 1898. Letters from famous literary, cultural, and political figures, some of them addressed to Charles Eliot Norton MS Am 2034
Houghton Library Harvard Boston, MA Charles Eliot Norton papers Wharton, Edith (Jones) 1862-1937.
A.L.s. Lenox, Mass., 23 May [1901] 1s. (3p.) env.
A.L.s. same, 19 Nov [1901] 1s. (3p.) env.
A.L.s. Lenox, Mass., 26 Nov [1901] 1s. (2p.) env.
A.L.s. [New York, 6 Dec 1901] 1s. (2p.) env.
A.L.s. Boston, 3 May [1902] 1s. (3p.) env.
A.L.s. Lenox, Mass., 30 Jun [1904] 1s. (3p.) env.
A.L.s. same, 7 Jun [1905] 1s. (4p.) env.
A.L.s. same, 1 Jul [1905] 1s. (3p.) env.
A.L.s. same, 11 Oct [1905] 1s. (3p.) env.
A.L. (unsigned) [same] 7 Aug 1906. 1s. (2p.) postcard.
MS.L.s. [Poitiers] 23 Mar 1907. 1s. (2p.) postcard. In the hand of Henry James. Signed also by Henry James and Edward Wharton (Teddy).
A.L.s. Paris, 15 May [1907] 1s. (4p.)
A.L.s. (initials) Farmington, Conn., 23 Oct [1907] 1s. (4p.) env.
A.L.s. [Paris] 17 Jan [1908?] 1s. (2p.) env.
A.L.s. [same] 2 Mar [1908] 2s. (8p.) env.
A.L.s. Lenox, Mass., 2 Jun [1908] 1s. (4p.) Mounted in MS Am 1088.14 , Letters of Charles Eliot Norton, vol.II, p.386.
A.L.s. same, 30 Jun [1908] 1s. (4p.)
A.L.s. same [18 Oct 1908] 1s. (3p.) env.Wharton, Edward.
A.L.s. Lenox, Mass., 19 Jul 1906. 1s. (3p.)
Letters sent to American author, editor and Harvard professor, Charles Eliot Norton MS Am 1088
Schlesinger Library Harvard Boston, MA Bradley Family Papers, 1813-1957 Helen Aldis Lathrop letter to family, account of lunch with Edith Wharton, 1906 MC 424
Lilly Library Indiana U. Bloomington, IN Edith Wharton Papers Papers which were owned by Elisina Tyler Box 3: Letters from various people to EW: Box 4: Diaries (7 vols). 2 from 1908; Line-a-day from 1920-25; Diary of trip to Spain in 1925; Cherry Dunham Williams
Curator of Manuscripts
(812) 855-3187
Lilly Library Indiana U. Bloomington, IN Appleton (D.)-Century Company Box 21   Wharton, Edith Newbold. Letters and papers, 1902-1925   (7 folders)
Box 22   Wharton, Edith Newbold. Letters and papers, 1926-1933     (8 folders)
Box 23   Wharton, Edith Newbold. Letters and papers, 1934-1962     (9 folders)
Box 24   Wharton, Edith Newbold. Age of Innocence (page proof and galley proof); A Backward Glance (page proof and galley proof) (9 folders)
Box 27     Wharton, Edith Newbold. Photograph by Taponier of Paris
Business correspondence with authors, executors of their estates, publishers, and others, contracts for publications, dramatizations, motion picture rights, foreign editions, and translations, royalty statements, copies of authors’ wills, business papers, galley and page proofs
Biltmore Estate N/A Asheville, NC N/A 29 Sep, n.d. – Edith Wharton to GWV – tells GWV she has just signed a long lease on an apartment on the rue de Varenne18 Oct nd, Edith Wharton to GWV discussing possibility of sub-letting GWV’s Paris apartment; writing from Lenox MA.

9 Oct nd, Edith Wharton to ESV asking to rent the Paris apartment for the winter; writing from Lenox MA.

21 Oct nd, Edith Wharton to ESV delighted to be able to rent the Paris apartment; writing from Long Island.

After a quick search, we do have some correspondence between Mr. Vanderbilt and Mrs. Wharton regarding her leasing his Paris apartment at 58 Rue de Varenne.     Some of it is undated but it appears that most of it dates to around 1913. Lori M. Garst
Curatorial Assistant
Lgarst@biltmore.comJill Hawkins
Henry E. Huntington Library N/A San Marino, CA Records of the Merrymount Press, 1893-1948
Henry E. Huntington Library N/A San Marino, CA Papers of Max Farrand Letters, manuscripts, documents, and 1 scrapbook. Many of the pieces are typewritten and photostatic copies
Academic correspondence from and to historians and other scholars, Wesleyan, Stanford, Cornell, and Yale Universities, Commonwealth Fund (1918-1927); Huntington Library (1927-1941), American Historical Society, American Philosophical Society, etc
Primary source material for research in American history, particularly in politics of the revolutionary and early federal periods. Materials relating to the drafting of U.S. Constitution and Benjamin Franklin. Journals of travels in Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, Connecticut, New York, and Maryland at the beginning of the nineteenth century
Material relating to Mary Cadwalader Jones, Farrand’s mother-in-law and the author of Lantern slides (Boston, 1937)
Historic New England N/A Boston, MA Codman Family Papers correspondence with Edith Wharton, chiefly social; and corrected typescript of the book, The Decoration of Houses, by Wharton and Codman correspondence from Edith Wharton to Ogden Codman, Jr MS 84-2168
Historic New England N/A Boston, MA Codman, Thomas Newbold description of dinners with Edith Wharton Resident of Lincoln, Mass. – Correspondence, appointment books, account books, address books, dinner books, and other personal papers; together with records of Ogden Codman, Sr., Trust and a large collection of erotica. Includes correspondence and other papers relating to Codman’s activities as treasurer, American Fund for French Wounded, and his 40 years’ service as member of the board of directors, American Memorial Hospital, Riems, France; letters from overseers of Codman properties in France and managers of the family estate, The Grange, in Lincoln, Mass.; extensive correspondence with French friends and acquaintances; letters (2 v.) from Codman’s brother, Ogden Codman, Jr., with description of dinners with Edith Wharton and Cole Porter; and letters (7 v.) from his brother Hugh, describing the Boston musical world, 1922-1939. MS 84-2170
Library of Congress N/A Washington, DC. Papers of Owen Wister
MA Historical Society N/A Boston, MA George Cabot Lodge collection Collection documenting the life and death of poet George Cabot Lodge includes correspondence between his son Henry Cabot Lodge (1902-1985) and academic researchers requesting use and publication of George’s papers at the Massachusetts Historical Society, 1932-70. Also, letters received by George and his wife Matilda Elizabeth Frelinghuysen Davis Lodge from writer Edith Wharton, 1900-1909; letters received by Matilda from writer Henry James, 1909-32; a typescript of excerpts pertaining to George from an unpublished thesis entitled, “Trumbull Stickney,” by Thomas Riggs, 1949; biographical information about George gathered by his son Henry Cabot Lodge, 1889-1935; and letters received by Matilda’s mother Sarah Helen Frelinghuysen Davis from U.S. President Chester A. Arthur, 1885. Also includes a scrapbook pertaining to George’s life and death in 1909 created by his father Henry Cabot Lodge (1850-1924), 1909-11, which contains clippings, obituaries, magazine articles, and photographs of George. Ms. N-72
MA Historical Society N/A Boston, MA Edith Prescott Wolcott autograph collection Letters received by Edith Prescott Wolcott, wife of Mass. Gov. Roger Wolcott of Boston, Mass., retained by her for autograph value, 1898-1933. Includes letters from Charles Francis Adams, Louis D. Brandeis, Winston Churchill, Grace Coolidge, Margaret Deland, Charles W. Eliot, Edward E. Hale, Frank Harper, Oliver Wendell Holmes, Henry James, Alfred T. Mahan, Alfred Noyes, James F. Rhodes, Theodore Roosevelt, George Ticknor, Edith Wharton, and Owen Wister. Letters pertain to social and political events and the women’s suffrage movement. Also includes letter written by Edward E. Hale to Roger Wolcott, 1901, receipts from Augustus Saint-Gaudens, 1902, and letter from George Ticknor to Edward Kenyon, 1868 Special Colls. E. Wolcott
MA Historical Society N/A Boston, MA Elizabeth Sherman Cameron letters, 1869-1944 Letters written by Elizabeth Sherman Cameron, wife of U.S. senator J. Donald Cameron, to family. Letters written from Washington, where she served as hostess for husband; Paris, where, following legal separation from Cameron, she lived as expatriate and during WWI, she ran “Foyer aux Refugies” to aid refugees; and from Stepleton, home in Dorset, Eng. where she vacationed and moved following daughter Martha’s death in 1918. Cameron commented on friendship with Henry Adams and his attention to daughter Martha, and with Edith Wharton while in Paris. bulk of letters written from Stepleton from 1930-44, comment on contemporary politics, coming of WWII, effects of war on Eng, and family matters. Primary recipients of letters her sister Mary Miles, niece Cecilia “Tia” Miles Reber, and nephew Sherman Miles. collection also includes letters from mother, Eliza Sherman, prior to and following marriage to Senator Cameron Ms. N-267
MA Historical Society N/A Boston, MA Microfilm edition of the Henry Adams papers, 1843-1938. Papers of author and historian Henry Adams, 1843-1938, including correspondence with members of the Adams family, such as his parents Charles Francis (1807-1886) and Abigail Brooks Adams (1808-1889), his brothers Charles Francis (1835-1915) and Brooks Adams (1848-1927), and his sister Louisa Catherine Adams (1831-1870). Also, correspondence with friends Elizabeth Cameron, John Hay, Charles Milnes Gaskell, Clarence King, John La Farge, Henry Cabot Lodge, and Cecil Spring Rice. Other correspondents include Henry James, James Russell Lowell, Augustus Saint-Gaudens, Francis Parkman, Henry Hobson Richardson, Theodore Roosevelt, and Edith Wharton, among others P-300, 36 reels (microfilm)
Montana Historical Society N/A Grace A. Kenelty interview, 1981 Jan. 16. Interviewed by Inez Herrig and Jennifer Thompson on 16 Jan. 1981.
Topics include her family’s filing on a homestead outside Libby in 1906; her experiences on the homestead; education; personalities in the Libby area; visits to Libby by President Herbert Hoover and by the author Edith Wharton; and the forest fires of 1910.
Forms part of: General Montana History Collection.
New Bedford Whaling Museum – Kendall Institute N/A New Bedford, MA Biographical collection, 1668-ca. 1977. Correspondence, diaries and journals, deeds, leases, estate records, marriage certificates, court records, bills and receipts, military records, contracts, school notebooks, and other materials, chiefly relating to personal affairs of members of the Allen, Crapo, Davis, Delano, Gifford, Hammond, Hathaway, Howland, Hussey, Jenney, Kempton, Macomber, Mosher, Nye, Ricketson, Rodman, Rotch, Russell, Shearman/Sherman, Slocum, Spooner, Swift, Taber, Tobey, Wing, and Winslow families of Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and New York State. Of particular interest are papers of Joseph C. Delano (1796-1886) including letters from Matthew Calbraith Perry (1794-1858) and Mercator Cooper (1804-1872) concerning Perry’s expedition and the opening of trade with Japan in the early 1850s; diary (1865) of Ellen S. Kempton (ca. 1838-1865), teacher for New England Freedmen’s Aid Society at Edisto Island, S.C.; and letters to Hester Swift Prescott (ca. 1882-1964) from Edith Wharton (1862-1937) and Edith Bangs (ca. 1867-1959) relating to their involvement (1914-1918) with American Fund for French Wounded and its support of American Memorial Hospital at Reims, France.
Pierpont Morgan Library N/A New York, NY Literary and Historical Manuscripts Forwarding a postcard from Edith Wharton [written to him, praising Gentlemen Prefer Blondes]. Frank Crowninshield to Anita Loos MA 3542
Pierpont Morgan Library N/A New York, NY Literary and Historical Manuscripts Autograph letter signed : Hyères, France, to Lady Leslie, Feb 5, 1932, 2p MA 4500
Pierpont Morgan Library N/A New York, NY Literary and Historical Manuscripts Autograph letter signed : Lenox, Mass., to Ella Douglas (Mrs. George William Douglas), 1901 Jul. 29, 1 item (4 p.) ; (12mo) + with envelope, Thanking her for a letter of sympathy on the death of the writer’s mother, and saying that “Teddy and I are sailing for Europe the day after tomorrow”. MA 2950
Pierpont Morgan Library N/A New York, NY Literary and Historical Manuscripts Autograph letter signed : Paris, to Miss Morgan [later Miss George Nichols], 1916 Oct. 9., 1 item (2 p.) ; (12mo), Referring to her charities in wartime and making an appointment. MA 2839
Pierpont Morgan Library N/A New York, NY Literary and Historical Manuscripts Autograph letter signed : Paris, to Miss Morgan [later Mrs. George Nichols], 1917 Jul. 4., 1 item (3 p.) ; (12mo), Sending her best wishes on Miss Morgan’s engagement to Mr. Nichols MA 2951
Pierpont Morgan Library N/A New York, NY Literary and Historical Manuscripts Autograph letter signed : St. Brice-sous-Forêt (S&O), to Lady Cynthia [Asquith], 1936 Aug. 2., 1 item (2 p.) ; (8vo), Thanking her for her hospitality and inviting her to visit in France; she comments on a big party and mentions Masefield MA 2929
Pierpont Morgan Library N/A New York, NY Literary and Historical Manuscripts Autograph postal card signed : Ste. Claire du Château, Hyères, to Frank Crowninshield, 1926 Jan. 12., 1 item (2 p.), Praising “Gentlemen Prefer Blondes” as “the Great American Nove;” and enquiring whether Anita Loos “who must be a genius” has written anything further. MA 3542
Pierpont Morgan Library N/A New York, NY Literary and Historical Manuscripts Autograph letters signed (5) : Florence, Rome, Milan and Salsomaggiere, to Dr. Baldwin, 1903 Mar. 27-Apr. 27., 5 items (16 p.) ; (12mo and 8vo) + 2 with envelopes., On the influenza that “has made him decide, reluctantly, to try the inhalations at Salsomaggiere,” which turn out to be very beneficial. MA 3564
Rockefeller Archive Center N/A New York, NY Charles A. Strong Papers, 1877-1961 (bulk 1906-1939). The papers document the thought of philosopher and psychologist Charles Strong and his friendships with George Santayana, William James, and a circle of academic philosophers known as the critical realists. Strong’s correspondents include his father, Augustus H. Strong, John D. Rockefeller, Senior, John D. Rockefeller, Junior, and numerous philosophers and writers, including Bernard Berenson, Henri Bergson, Alfred Binet, John Dewey, G. Lowes Dickinson, John Galsworthy, William James, Arthur O. Lovejoy, John Masefield, G. E. Moore, Charles S. Peirce, Ralph Barton Perry, Walter Rauschenbusch, Bertrand Russell, George Santayana, F. C. S. Schiller, and Paul Shorey. His most faithful critics were Durant Drake, Dickinson S. Miller, James Bissett Pratt, A. K. Rogers, and Roy Wood Sellars. There are two letters to Strong from American novelist, Edith Wharton and a small group of letters from English writer, Vernon Lee (Violet Paget).
Smithsonian Archives of American Art N/A Washington, DC. Walter Gay papers REELS 2137-2139: Three scrapbooks, assembled by Matilda Gay, wife of Walter, containing correspondence, 1889-1930, with Sarah Cooper-Hewitt, Royal Cortissoz, Ralph W. Curtis, Elsie De Wolfe, Henry James, Val Prinsep, Auguste Rodin, Edith Wharton, Walter Gay’s wife, Matilda, and others; letters Gay wrote to his mother, 1868; a pencil sketch, 1867; photographs, including Gay’s Paris studio and apartment, Gay’s 1908 exhibition at the George Petit Gallery in Paris, and of family, friends, and pets; exhibition catalogs; price lists for art works; and clippings. Photographers include E. Benard, and Henri Nanuel. Typescripts of the letters (3 v.) accompany the scrapbooks.
State Historical Society of Wisconsin N/A Madison, Wis Zona Gale Papers Papers of a Wisconsin novelist and playwright who won the Pulitzer Prize for drama in 1921 for her play “Miss Lulu Bett.” Literary papers, including manuscript drafts and revisions of plays, novels, articles, and other writings, form the major portion of the collection. The correspondence includes letters to and from many literary figures, including Louis Adamic, Sherwood Anderson, Heywood Broun, Pearl S. Buck, Willa Cather, Margaret Deland, August Derleth, Dorothy Canfield Fisher, Edna Ferber, Hamlin Garland, Joseph Hergesheimer, Fannie Hurst, James Weldon Johnson, Richard Le Gallienne, Meridel Le Sueur, Guthrie McClintic, Christopher Morley, Martha Ostenso, Vilhjalmur Stefansson, Carl Van Doren, Hendrik W. Van Loon, Edith Wharton, Margaret Widdemer, and Elinor Wylie.
Manuscripts and Archives Division New York Public Library Paul Kester Papers 3 letters from 1900 dramatist and author
Pennsylvania State University University Park, PA Edith Wharton letters and postcard, 1912-1919 The collection consists of six items, including: to Dear Daisy [Mrs. Winthrop Chanler], 21 Oct. 1912, asking about her trip and describing her travels in Italy; post card to Mrs. Winthrop Chanler, 22 Oct. 1912, in Italian, describing the local sites; to Beverley, 12 Oct. 1916, adding a sum he had reimbursed to her to a fund Pauline had contributed to, includes envelope addressed to Pauline, dated 12 Nov. 1916; two letters to Pauline Robinson, 11 Nov. 1916 and 24 Dec. 1917, about donations for a tuberculosis hospital in France; to O. Lichtenberg, 15 Oct. 1919, thanking him for a donation to a trust fund. 1968-0067R VF Lit
Pennsylvania State University University Park, PA Allison-Shelley Coll Theodore Dreiser letter to Wharton, 1934 March 15 1977-0068R A-S
Firestone Library Princeton Princeton, NJ Edith Wharton Letters to Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Austin, 1903-1927 Consists of 27 autograph letters & note cards sent by EW to English friends, poet Alfred Austin & his wife, Hester Austin Consists of 27 autograph letters & note cards sent by EW to Alfred & Hester Austin. EW usually starts letter thanking Austins for their letters & their hospitality. Body of her letters full of details about her life, estate at “The Mount”, EW and Teddy many travels to Europe & England, death of TW’s mother followed by TW’s mental problems, & her marital problems. Talks about apartment at Rue Varenne, & about charitable relief efforts. Other topics of EW’s letters include books she sent Austins, lit. works by other authors, Alfred’s writings, & news of close friend,Henry James. EW consistently uses French words & expressions in letters. Also included is a quitclaim deed to property on 6th Ave. in NYC, signed by Wharton & dated 1920. C1277
Firestone Library Princeton Princeton, NJ Archives of Charles Scribner’s Sons Virtually all surviving content from Scribner’s and Sons Wharton, Edith Jones, 1862-1937. 18 folders: 776 letters from her, 1893-1937, 1,008 to her and from her secretaries and to other publishers; index pages to letter-books; corrected galleys of “Full Circle” (14 galleys, 2 sets), “The House of Mirth” (39 galleys and set of revised galleys) and “The Legend” (9 galleys). Box 167-169
Firestone Library Princeton Princeton, NJ Edith Wharton Manuscripts, 1903-1925 The collection contains corrected typescripts for installments of three EW novels (Sanctuary, Custom of the Country, & Son at the Front) which were serialized in Scribner’s Magazine & corrected typescripts for background and prefatory material for 2 other novels (Ethan Frome and House of Mirth). The collection also contains corrected typescripts for several non-fiction articles, including “In Alsace” (1915), “Note on Moroccan Architecture” (1920?), “Marcel Proust” (1925), and “The Writing of Fiction” (1925), as well as an autograph manuscript of “George Cabot Lodge” (1917), a Scribner’s article.
Firestone Library Princeton Princeton, NJ James Barnes Papers, 1894-1936 1 letter
Firestone Library Princeton Princeton, NJ Robert Bridges Collection, 1896-1939 The collection consists of correspondence and miscellany pertaining to Bridges’ editorial work at Charles Scribner’s Sons, as well as material relating to Princeton (particularly his Class of 1879 and the Princeton Club of New York), the Century Club, and the Coffee House Club, in all of which Bridges was an active member. Included in the collection are numerous letters from a variety of authors, hopefuls, and others, as well as notes, clippings, and memoranda relating to the Scribner firm. Virtually every letter is accompanied by a carbon of Bridges’ response. Persons represented in the collection include Ray Stannard Baker, Eleanor Roosevelt, Michael Pupin, Edith Wharton, Bernadotte Schmitt, Bernard Baruch, A. S. Dashiell, the Scribners, Corrinne Roosevelt Robinson, and Whitney Darrow.
Firestone Library Princeton Princeton, NJ Henry Van Dyke Family Papers, 1694-1963 Correspondence w/ EW
Firestone Library Princeton Princeton, NJ Paul Elmer More Papers, 1888-1949 Wharton, Mrs. Edith, 1 letter, 1915 Box 11, Folder 30
Firestone Library Princeton Princeton, NJ Archives of Henry Holt and Company, 1859-1981 Wharton, Mrs. Edward, 1 letter, nd Box 137, Folder 7
Firestone Library Princeton Princeton, NJ Otto H. Kahn Papers, 1908-1934 1 letter, Wharton, Edith, 1917 The Otto H. Kahn Papers consists primarily of the correspondence of Otto H. Kahn (1867-1934), international banker, philanthropist, and patron of the arts and music, but also includes printed copies of addresses, talks, opinions, and speeches that Kahn gave on a variety of political and fiscal topics, as well as press clippings, letterbooks, and some photographs. Box 281, Folder 3
Firestone Library Princeton Princeton, NJ F. Scott Fitzgerald Papers, 1897-1944 06/08/1925, See: Scrapbook IV, p. 27, 07/02/(1925), name card with address undated
Smith College Archives Smith College Northampton, MA Distinguished Visitors Files, 1848-[ongoing] Wharton, Edith Newbold, n.d The distinguished visitors files contain correspondence, memorabilia, newspaper clippings, press releases and photographs documenting the visits of distinguished persons to Smith College since its founding in 1871. The material ranges in date from 1848 to the present, with the bulk of the collection falling between 1888 and the present. Box 5
E. S. Bird Library Syracuse University Syracuse, NY Roger Burlingame Papers Correspondence and Collected Works Author. Correspondence, MSS., and printed copies of Burlingame’s autobiography, addresses, articles, poems, and short stories, family papers, scrapbooks containing press notices (1942-67), photos, and other papers. MS 69-1811, Boxes 7 and 55
International Piano Archives U of Maryland College Park College Park, MD Beveridge Webster Papers letter, 3/24/28, Sainte-Claire, to Mildred Bliss, 2pp several references to someone named Robert, talk of the weather and several personal references Maxwell Brown
Project Manager
Albert and Shirley Small Special Collections Library U. of VA Charlottesville, VA Marvin, Samuel W. Correspondence w/ Wharton Publisher. Letters addressed to Marvin as executive officer of Charles Scribner’s Sons. MS 62-1959
Bancroft Library UC Berkeley Berkeley, CA Edith Wharton papers, 1935-1939 Collection consists principally of typescript copies of Wharton’s will and documents relating to the disposition of her estate
Special Collections Research Center University of Chicago Library Chicago, IL Marion Talbot Papers Contains the correspondence and papers of Marion Talbot, Assistant Professor of Sanitary Science, Associate professor of Household Administration, and Dean of Women at the University of Chicago from its inception in 1892 until her retirement in 1925.
Special Collections Greenwald University of Michigan Ann Arbor, MI Whimsies Papers Letter, 1923 July 24, Paris, to Dorothy Greenwald, Gary, Ind. Declining invitation to give lecture
Harry Ransom Center UofTX-Austin Austin, TX John Lane Company Records letters from Wharton
Harry Ransom Center UofTX-Austin Austin, TX Literary Files Collection Photographic reproduction of a half-tone print of a full-length profile portrait of Wharton (P1); portrait of Wharton(?) seated outdoors in a dark dress with a dog on her lap, inscribed in French (981:0052:0001); portrait of a young woman reclining on a daybed, inscribed in French (981:0052:0002).
Harry Ransom Center UofTX-Austin Austin, TX Sinclair Lewis Family Papers 4 letters from Wharton
Harry Ransom Center UofTX-Austin Austin, TX Edith Wharton Correspondence with Morton Fullerton This collection of correspondence between American Pulitzer Prize winning writer Edith Wharton and her friend and lover, Morton Fullerton, documents their relationship, Wharton’s marriage, and her writing and travels. The letters, mostly from Wharton to Fullerton, where collected by Fullerton. Also present are letters from Fullerton and other literary figures, and four manuscript poems by Wharton.
Rare Book & Manuscript Library Upenn Agnes Repplier Papers Wharton, Edith (1915) 1 item (1 l.) Box 2, Folder 64
USC Library USC Hamlin Garland Papers Edith Wharton, A Meeting with. Typed fair copy. 4 leaves
Edith Wharton: Mounted photographic portrait; photograph of portrait by Edward Jones
Copy of letter to Wharton, 1917
Correspondence from Wharton, 1920-24, n.d.
Biblioteca Berenson Villa I Tatti, Harvard Italy Bernard and Mary Berenson Papers 600+ letters from Wharton Ilaria Della Monica
Villa I Tatti – The Harvard University Center
for Italian Renaissance Studies
Via di Vincigliata 26
50135 Florence, Italy
+39 055 603 251 ext 32
email idellamonica@itatti.it
Beinecke Library Yale New Haven, CT Edith Wharton Papers General Bulk of EW letters, correspondence, etc..
Beinecke Library Yale New Haven, CT Lady St. Helier Papers 36 ALS and 2 TLS to Dorothy Stanley Allhusen, 1920-37, n.d.
Beinecke Library Yale New Haven, CT Royal Cortissoz Papers Wharton and Berry correspondence The Royal Cortissoz Papers consist of correspondence and a small quantity of personal papers and printed materials which document aspects of the professional life of the art critic and lecturer Royal Cortissoz. The collection has been organized into two series. Series I,Cortissoz Correspondence and Manuscripts, and Series II.Printed Material. The papers span the dates 1864-1959, with the bulk of the material dating from between 1920 and 1955. YCAL MSS 146