CWEWh Editors in the News: Sheila Liming in the New York Times

The Case for Chilling

Sheila Liming, the author of “Hanging Out,” argues that unstructured time is essential to our cultural vitality. Down with calendar invites; long live the bocce league.

Hanging out: It’s a loose social dynamic in which people spend unstructured time together with no set agenda. (Did you need a reminder? Has it been a minute?)

The shortage of idle hangs in our culture is what inspired Sheila Liming, an Edith Wharton scholar, writing professor, professional bagpipe player and devoted socializer, to write “Hanging Out: The Radical Power of Killing Time.” The book conceives of hanging out as a way to reclaim time as something other than a raw ingredient to be converted into productivity. Just as she does in her book, in a recent video interview from Vermont, Professor Liming made a philosophical argument for the chillest of human interactions.

This interview has been edited and condensed.

(read the rest at the link above)

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