CWEWh welcomes a new Associate Editor, Paul Ohler.

CWEWh welcomes Paul Ohler as a new Associate Editor. He joins Carol Singley (General Editor) and Associate Editors Frederick Wegener and Donna Campbell.

Professor Ohler is the editor for Volume 2: Short Stories I: 1891-1903

Paul Ohler teaches in the Department of English at Kwantlen Polytechnic University. He is the author of Edith Wharton’s Evolutionary Conception: Darwinian Allegory in Her Major Novels (Routledge). His work has appeared in The Edith Wharton ReviewEnglish Studies in Canada, and America’s Darwin: Darwinian Theory and U.S. Literary Culture(U of Georgia Press). His most recent publications include an essay in The New Wharton Studies (Cambridge UP), an article on Wharton’s short stories in Studies in American Naturalism, and an essay in The Bloomsbury Handbook to Edith Wharton. He has given numerous talks on Wharton’s fiction at the American Literature Association Conference, the Modern Language Association convention, and other conferences, and he is a past editor of the Edith Wharton Review

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